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    Technical Data
  • APPLICABLE STANDARDS: American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)
  •       - ASTM D 1000 Standard Test Method for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive- oated Tapes Used for Electrical and Electronic Applications
          - ASTM E 1643 - Standard Practice for Installation of Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Earth or Granular Fill under Concrete Slabs 5.

  • SEAMS: Overlap Stego Wrap six inches and seal with Stego Tape. Make sure the area of adhesion is free from dust, dirt and moisture to allow maximum adhesion of the pressure sensitive tape.
    1) Cut a piece of Stego Wrap. Width: minimum 12 inches Length: one and one-half times the pipe circumference
    2) With scissors, cut slits half the width of the film.
    3) Wrap boot around pipe and tape onto pipe, completely taping the base to Stego Wrap using Stego Tape.

    Stego Tape should be installed above 40 °F

  • NOTE: See Stego's installation instructions for complet e instructions and detailed drawings. Each user should make their own tests to determine the products suitability for their own intended use and shall assume all risks and liability in connection therewith.
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  • USES: Stego Tape is a low permeance tape designed for protective sealing, hanging, seaming, splicing, and patching applications where a highly conformable material is required. It has been engineered to bond specifically to Stego Wrap Vapor Retarder/Barrier, making it ideal for sealing Stego Wrap seams and penetrations.
  • COMPOSITION: Stego Tape is composed of a high-density polyethylene film and a rubberbased, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • SIZE: Stego Tape comes in four inch-wide by 180-foot- ong rolls. Stego Tape ships 12 rolls in a case. 4.
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    Manufacturer: Stego Industries
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