Above Ground Grated Filter

AGG Filter

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Pollution Solution Above Ground Grated Filter

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    PSI's recent addition to our family of sediment and erosion control devices is the Above Ground Grated Filter (AGG Filter). The AGG Filter is useful in drain inlet protection when an under-grate filter, such as the YellowJacket or Solid Frame Filter is not feasible, such as low temperature regions.
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Utilizing many components of PSI's trusted and proven BMP's, the AGG Filter stands in a class of its own. Solidly sewn on each end of the filter is a 2 ply rock bag with 2" Heavy Duty Velcro enclosures capable of containing up to 30 lbs. of rock each. Incorporated on each end are durable poly webbing straps used to aid in cleaning and positioning the AGG Filter. On opposite leading edges are 2" wide strips of polyethylene plastic that flip up on one side to create a back opening block and lay down on the other side to help maintain the shape and rigidity of the filter. All of these features are seamlessly combined into a one-piece, unique above ground drain inlet filter.

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Manufacturer: Pollution Solution, Inc.
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