Check Damn SAND or DURA Bag

Check Dam Bag

Pollution Solution, Inc.

Pollution Solution Check Damn SAND or DURA Bag

Quick Overview

    The Check Dam SAND-Bag is a truly unique sediment blocking rock/gravel/sand bag comprised of a tough outer bag, 2 lifting straps and a 2" Heavy Duty Velcro enclosure. The unusual design angles the bag to better retain silt and sediment allowing water to continue its natural path. The lifting straps can be flipped to either side making the Check Dam SAND-Bag very flexible for countless applications.
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The Check Dam DURA-Bag is a dual-component sediment blocking rock/gravel bag that elevates durability to new levels. Modeled after our original Check Dam SAND-Bag, the DURA version has a new material between the inner & outer bags specifically chosen to increase both durability and performance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Pollution Solution, Inc.
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