Coax Surge Protector,90V



Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-Bulkhead,Ff

Quick Overview

    • Simple plug-in installation
    • Supplied with adjustable right angled grounded mounting block or flying lead ground.
    • Low Insertion and Return Loss
    • Wide Operating Frequency Spectrum
    • Field serviceable, with replaceable ga
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Specifications :-

Part No.Description
CSP1NMF90Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-type,MF
CSP1NMF600Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-type,MF
CSP1NB90Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-bulkhead,FF
CSP1NB600Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-bulkhead,FF
CSP1NBM90Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-bulkhead,MF
CSP1NBM600Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-bulkhead,MF
CSP1BNC90Coax Surge Protector,90V,BNC,MF
CSP1BNC600Coax Surge Protector,600V,BNC,MF
CSP1F90Coax Surge Protector,90V,F-type,MF
CSP1F600Coax Surge Protector,600V,F-type,MF
CSP1SMA90Coax Surge Protector,90V,SMA,MF
CSP1SMA600Coax Surge Protector,600V,SMA,MF

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Caddy
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