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ROCKFAST™ SYSTEM FOR FACE NAILING SIDING, STEEL-TO-STEEL AND GYPSUM WALL BOARD FASTENING. Using sheet plastic collation, this system eliminates plastic residue from under the head of driven pins for a clean installation. The tool operates at a maximum air pressure of 120psi and has the power to attach fiber cement siding to steel as thick as 97mil (12ga). Reduce the air pressure and adjust the overdrive knob and the tool accurately attaches wallboard to steel as thin as 20ga. The Model 610 handles pins 1" long to 2-1/2" long. For face nailing fiber cement siding, use AKN-100-XXXXHA pins. For fastening interior wall board, use ADW-100 pins. For select steel-to-steel applications of up to two layers of 54mil (16ga) with rigid bracing use ASK-100-XXXXH pins. This versatile tool can also be used for special applications requiring wire collated pins or stainless steel pins.

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    Manufacturer: ET&F Fastening Systems
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