Head-of-Wall Deflection Track - 2 Hour System



BlazeFrame RipTRAK is a ceiling runner with an offset shoulder that represents the thickness of the wall material. (1-1/4") A second piece of board/wall material is fit flush to the fluted deck or slab and is then attached to the shoulder. This allows the deck and the BlazeFrame RipTRAK to move in relation to the wall studs. This also allows the outer/overlapping board (the rip board) that is attached to the BlazeFrame RipTRAK to slide over the primary board/wall material. The BlazeFrame RipTRAK is a UL approved fire-rated head of wall joint system. Meets UL 2079, 5th edition; HW-D-1125 and HW-D-0823. This is good for both roof and wall assemblies. See UL listing Configuration B, Item 3B. Caulking between the shoulder board and the roof/floor assembly is required.

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    • Material: Yield Strength: Grade 33ksi for 30mils, 33mils & 43mils; Grade 50ksi for 54mils & 68mils
    • Coating: CP60 (CP90 available)
    • 33mils: 20ga STR, 0.0346" Design Thickness, 0.0329" Min. Thickness
    • 43mils: 18ga, 0.0451" Design Thickness, 0.0428" Min. Thickness
    • 54mils: 16ga, 0.0566" Design Thickness, 0.0538" Min. Thickness
    • 68mils: 14ga, 0.0713" Design Thickness, 0.0677" Min. Thickness
    • Inside depth: Equal to the outside width of the stud
    • Web sizes (W): 2-1/2", 3-5/8", 4", 6", 8"
    • Track length: 10'-0"

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: ClarkDietrich
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