polyurethane Sealant

MasterSeal® CR 195


MasterSeal® CR 195 is a one-component, moisture-curing, aliphatic, nonsag, polyurethane sealant for security and institutional uses requiring elasticity and superior color integrity. Sonolastic Ultra is capable of withstanding ±25% movement in joints, yet has a high Shore A for security applications.

Quick Overview

  • Aliphatic polyurethane technology - Nonstaining, no yellowing, no chalking

  • Pick resistant - Excellent for security applications, schools, and other public buildings

  • High UV resistance - Experiences no discoloration from sunlight

  • No surface tackiness - No dirt pick up, self-cleaning surface

  • Medium modulus - Provides superior puncture and abrasion resistance

  • Superior gunability and workability - Tools easily

  • Movement capability ±25% - Expands and contracts with joint movement

  • Suitable for water immersion - Documented performance in wet areas
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Additional Information

Manufacturer: BASF
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